Introducing the 2015 O'Neal Model Search Winner RAVEN!

How was your California experience?
California was awesome!! Honestly one of the best experiences of my life! Can't wait to go back!

Who did you bring with you?
I brought my boyfriend, Damian.

What did you do in your spare time?
Enjoyed some awesome food from local restaurants, took a joy ride in our cute little Mazda MX-5 Miata, and went site-seeing!

Be honest- Was there a major shopping spree?
Unfortunately not :( We kept ourselves pretty busy and didn't have much downtime.

I heard you picked up some new O'Neal gear. What have you added to your gear bag?
Well, O'Neal was incredibly generous with hooking both Damian and I up! For starters we got a new gear bag, filled with pant, jersey, and glove combos for both Damian and I! I also got socks, a 5 series Wingman helmet, and RDX boots! Oh and a bunch of Moto XXX tees!!

What was your favorite part of the trip?
So hard to pick! Definitely meeting everyone over at the O'Neal office! Also, just experiencing California, especially the weather and beautiful views!!

Is there anything you would like to come back to California to see?
Ugh, everything!!! I'm honestly obsessed with California now and want to move there sooo bad!!

How was your experience at O'Neal?
AMAZING! Everyone there was laid back and so helpful!

How did the photoshoot go?
I loved it!

What was your favorite part of the shoot?
The locations! Also getting to wear and see the 2016 O'Neal gear! And not to mention, the fabulous photographer! She made me feel so comfortable and really knew what she was doing! Thanks Erin!!

Top three memories of the trip.
Meeting everyone at O'Neal.
Being a tourist and exploring California and LA.
Turning 21 in Cali!!! Woot woot!

Big thanks to the Kashare family, Jim O'Neal, Marina, Mark, Erin, and everyone else from the O'Neal office for making this experience unforgettable – and making sure Damian and I were well taken care of!! Also thank you Damian for coming along with me and always pushing me to succeed! As well and my mom, dad, friends, and family for always believing in me!!

Tell us a little about yourself...
Well, for starters... my name is Raven, 20 years old from a small town Pennsylvania! I'm your girl next door! I may compete in pageants and swimsuit competitions, but don't let the glitz & glam fool ya, I definitely prefer mud! Although, one of my proudest moments was when I won the title Ms Motorama 2014 (a pageant held in Harrisburg, PA) . To some that may not mean anything, but to me it was something I worked incredibly hard for and was a goal I had set for myself as a child! I am very determined and always shoot for the moon! I'd love to someday be a role model to others and I hope, in some way, I inspired them to fight for their goals as well!


Hometown: Orwigsburg

Birthday: June 8th

Favorite Food: I honestly will eat anything in sight, I'm not picky!

Favorite Band/Music: Once again, not picky!

What 3 things can you not leave home without: My phone! Cash & some food (don't judge me).

Favorite place on earth? Sounds simple, but some of my happiest days are at a lake!

What do you do for fun? Any hobbies? Ride my dirt bike, obsessed with some Netflix lately, doing adventurous & spontaneous things, chillin' with friends!

Pets? 2 cats: Kitty & Kitten (real original, I know) 2 pups, Zoey (shar pei lab mix) & Snow (Siberian husky)

The most important question: Are you single or taken? Happily taken, sorry boys. ;)

How did you hear about the O'Neal model search contest?
Raven: I've heard about it a few years back, I finally got enough courage to sign up! Plus, some good people reminded me!

Who is your favorite O'Neal rider for 2015?
Raven: Blake Baggett.

Do you have any predictions on who will win Anaheim 1?
Raven: Torn between Ryan Dungey & Chad Reed.

Do you ride? If so, how long have you been riding?
Raven: I do! Got on my first bike as an infant, started racing when I was 5.

Two stroke or Four stroke?
Raven: I'm currently on a 4 stroke but wouldn't be against going back to that 2 stroke life.

What kind of bike do you have? Any bike specs that you'd like to share?
Raven: Yz250f. It's a mean machine hahaa.

Do you race? What class or classes?
Raven: Currently, I do not :( hoping to get back out there this coming year!!

Hometown track?
Raven: I grew up at a track called the Flying Dutchman, unfortunately it's not really around anymore.

Who will you be bringing with you on your trip to Los Angeles?
Raven: Not completely sure yet!! Either my mom or my boyfriend! (Sorry dad).

What do you plan on doing while your here in Los Angeles?
Raven: Making some incredible memories!

What are you going to spend your prize money on?
Raven: I guess I should be a responsible adult and put it towards school or my car payment.

As Miss O'Neal 2015 what do you most look forward to?
Raven: The overall experience and meeting all the wonderful people of O'Neal!!

Do you have any social media accounts? If so what are they?
Facebook: & Instagram: @ravenfinnefrock

Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Cathy Finnefrock (mom) , RC Finnefrock (dad), Caleb Finnefrock (brother) Damian Faust (boyfriend) my amazing friends & family! All my supporters who have helped get me to where I am today! Love you all!!