Introducing the 2015 O'Neal Model Search Winner RAVEN!

Tell us a little about yourself...
Well, for starters... my name is Raven, 20 years old from a small town Pennsylvania! I'm your girl next door! I may compete in pageants and swimsuit competitions, but don't let the glitz & glam fool ya, I definitely prefer mud! Although, one of my proudest moments was when I won the title Ms Motorama 2014 (a pageant held in Harrisburg, PA) . To some that may not mean anything, but to me it was something I worked incredibly hard for and was a goal I had set for myself as a child! I am very determined and always shoot for the moon! I'd love to someday be a role model to others and I hope, in some way, I inspired them to fight for their goals as well!


Hometown: Orwigsburg

Birthday: June 8th

Favorite Food: I honestly will eat anything in sight, I'm not picky!

Favorite Band/Music: Once again, not picky!

What 3 things can you not leave home without: My phone! Cash & some food (don't judge me).

Favorite place on earth? Sounds simple, but some of my happiest days are at a lake!

What do you do for fun? Any hobbies? Ride my dirt bike, obsessed with some Netflix lately, doing adventurous & spontaneous things, chillin' with friends!

Pets? 2 cats: Kitty & Kitten (real original, I know) 2 pups, Zoey (shar pei lab mix) & Snow (Siberian husky)

The most important question: Are you single or taken? Happily taken, sorry boys. ;)

How did you hear about the O'Neal model search contest?
Raven: I've heard about it a few years back, I finally got enough courage to sign up! Plus, some good people reminded me!

Who is your favorite O'Neal rider for 2015?
Raven: Blake Baggett.

Do you have any predictions on who will win Anaheim 1?
Raven: Torn between Ryan Dungey & Chad Reed.

Do you ride? If so, how long have you been riding?
Raven: I do! Got on my first bike as an infant, started racing when I was 5.

Two stroke or Four stroke?
Raven: I'm currently on a 4 stroke but wouldn't be against going back to that 2 stroke life.

What kind of bike do you have? Any bike specs that you'd like to share?
Raven: Yz250f. It's a mean machine hahaa.

Do you race? What class or classes?
Raven: Currently, I do not :( hoping to get back out there this coming year!!

Hometown track?
Raven: I grew up at a track called the Flying Dutchman, unfortunately it's not really around anymore.

Who will you be bringing with you on your trip to Los Angeles?
Raven: Not completely sure yet!! Either my mom or my boyfriend! (Sorry dad).

What do you plan on doing while your here in Los Angeles?
Raven: Making some incredible memories!

What are you going to spend your prize money on?
Raven: I guess I should be a responsible adult and put it towards school or my car payment.

As Miss O'Neal 2015 what do you most look forward to?
Raven: The overall experience and meeting all the wonderful people of O'Neal!!

Do you have any social media accounts? If so what are they?
Facebook: & Instagram: @ravenfinnefrock

Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Cathy Finnefrock (mom) , RC Finnefrock (dad), Caleb Finnefrock (brother) Damian Faust (boyfriend) my amazing friends & family! All my supporters who have helped get me to where I am today! Love you all!!