Introducing Jenna Ford, the 2014 O'Neal Model Search Winner!

Tell us a little about yourself...

Hello, my name is Jenna Nicole Ford and I was born in Schriever, Louisiana. I am Currently 19 year's old, blonde hair and blue eyes. My passion is motocross, pageants, hunting, fishing, and modeling. I currently race dirt bikes still and also hold a title of Miss Terrebonne Parish Queen in my area. I love doing anything outdoors and spending my free time with my godchild Jorian. I'm very outgoing and love meeting new people. My family is very unique. I love stunt riding with my brother on his street bike and riding with him at the drift shows. Also, I am into big lifted trucks and love going to truck/car shows. I currently work at Twin Peaks in Houma and attend Fletcher Community College to major into Sport Medicine.

Hometown: Schriever, Louisiana

Birthday: May 5, 1994

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Band/Music: Bmayzee

What 3 things can you not leave home without: Phone, Charger, Money

Favorite place on earth? Paris, France

What do you do for fun? Race dirt bikes, hunt, fish, pageants, and modeling.

Pets? Siberian Husky named Brisco

The most important question: Are you single or taken? Single

How did you hear about the O'Neal model search contest?
Jenna: I have always supported O'Neal racing gear and I went on their site to see the new 2014 gear and saw it on the page.

It appears that you did a special photo shoot for the O'Neal contest and you got pretty creative, where did all of your photo ideas come from?
Jenna: Myself, I am very creative when it comes down to pictures.

Who is your favorite O'Neal rider for 2014?
Jenna: Justin Brayton.

Do you have any predictions on who will win Anaheim 1?
Jenna: Ryan Villopoto.

Two-stroke or Four-stroke? 
Jenna: Two-stroke.

Do you ride? If so, how long have you been riding?
Jenna: Yes, I do ride and have been riding since I was three.

Do you race? What class or classes?
Jenna: Yes I do race women (motocross & woods), C (motocross), and beginner lites (in woods).

What is your hometown track?
Jenna: Gravity Alley (Breaux Bridge).

What kind of bike do you have? Any bike specs that you'd like to share?
Jenna: YZ 125, its very colorful & different.

Who will you be bringing with you on your trip to Los Angeles? 
Jenna: My mom, Viola Ford because she supported me throughout this whole contests the most & everything else.

What do you plan on doing while your here in Los Angeles?
Jenna: Go see Hollywood & Disneyland.

What are you going to spend your prize money on?
Jenna: I will save it for a National race.

As Miss O'Neal 2014 what do you most look forward to?
Jenna: To meet the wonderful staff and riders that put effort and all their time into O'Neal.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Jenna: Yes, Viola Ford (mom), Gilmer Ford (dad), Lance Ford (brother), Kim Forman, Patty Fanguy, Halee Tabor (best friend), all friends and family that had voted for me and help getting other people to vote for me.

You can follow Jenna on Instagram@jnford711 or Twitter@jford800

Check back again soon for another update! We will be scheduling Jenna's trip to Los Angeles and her photo shoot in Spring 2014!